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Early Detection on the Condition of Pancreas Organ as the Cause of Diabetes Mellitus by Real Time Iris Image Processing


This paper appears in:
Circuits and Systems, 2006. APCCAS 2006. IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on
Date of Conference: 4-7 Dec. 2006
Author(s): Adhi Dharma Wibawa
Electr. Eng. Dept., Hang Tuah Univ., Surabaya
Mauridhi Hery Purnomo
Page(s): 1008 - 1010
Product Type: Conference Publications


Abstract— Iridology is an alternative method in evaluating the condition of our internal organ by looking at the image of iris. Evaluating the iris is done by detecting the presence of some broken tissues in iris. In this paper, input image of the iris will be taken by using a video camera in real time. The presence of broken tissues in iris in a certain area will represent the condition of certain organ according to the chart of iris. The organ that will be observed, in this research, is Pancreas. Pancreas’s position in iris is at 07.15 – 07.45 when a circle of iris is divided by 120 points. Several image processing methods will be used to enhance the quality of image of iris so that the broken tissues in area of pancreas can be detected clearly. Finally, the result of this detecting method will be compared with the Insulin normality test.


Iridology is an alternative method to observe the condition of our body by looking at iris. Real time image processing is an important tool to explore the features of iris such the holes, lines, shadows etc. Several methods of image processing should be developed not only to get all features of iris but also to enhance the quality of iris image.

The location of Pancreas organ is at 07.15 – 07.45 in the third quarter of an iris and the distance of this location to the centre of an eye ball is about 0.6 x Radius of an eye ball. This result is obtained statistically from the 34 data of iris.

In this research, the level of significance in detecting the presence of broken tissue is about 94 %, from 34 patients, and the level of significance in detecting the abnormality of Pancreas organ is 100 % from 6 patients. From these results, we may conclude that Iridology is really a scientific knowledge that can be used as a pre diagnostic tool in several medical cases. Some image processing methods can be used to explore more detail the features of an eye ball, such as grey transformation, Sobel operation, Gabor features extraction etc.

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Conference Location :  Singapore
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Digital Object Identifier :  10.1109/APCCAS.2006.342258
Date of Current Version :   10 April 2007
Issue Date :   4-7 Dec. 2006

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